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Please help with Opus auto power problem

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  • Please help with Opus auto power problem

    I just hooked up the PC and everything in my car, there are still lots of issues need to be addressed, but the basic power problem is bothering me and I can't seem to find an answer so was hoping someone can point me to the right direction.

    I am using Opus 320W to driver a Dell 4550 MB, IGN signal is connected from cigarette lighter 12V+. I measured voltage on the power wire from PC end it's 12.53V, same as what I measured from battery. IGN voltage at PC end is 11.85V so everything looks fine.

    When key is in OFF position:
    - Opus blinks slowly

    Turn key to the ON position:
    - Opus blinks faster
    - PC fan and hard drive spins for a second then shuts down

    If I short the two pins from MB where I plugged in the power control cable (while they are still connected) then PC boots up fine, everything works from there.

    Turn the key OFF again:
    - PC shuts down instead of hibernating, Opus back to steady blink.

    I checked the BIOS setting the power management is set to S3, but couldn't find out why it does not power on the PC. If anyone has any ideas please help...

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    Originally posted by msun View Post
    If I short the two pins from MB where I plugged in the power control cable
    Is the power control cable the right way round?

    Originally posted by msun View Post
    Turn the key OFF again:
    - PC shuts down instead of hibernating
    Did you set it to hibernate in control panel?

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      I tried switching the power control cable around but it doesn't make a difference...


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        What pins do you have shorted and open on the opus?

        I have the 120 and there are two yellow and two black wires. If both yellow are not hooked up to constant 12v then it will not work. The RED wire should be connected to a switched 12v. Do not apply 12v to the red until after you have seen two quick green flashes of the light on the power supply. It will not power up if you apply 12v to the red and yellow on the first power up.


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          I believe I shorted the green and white wire on the Opus, but I actually shorted the IC board from the PC where the green and white wire goes to.


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            From Opus's FAQ:
            When applying power for the first time you need to wait for the first blink of the LED before applying power to the switched (IGN) lead.

            Does that mean when I turn the to ON position, I should have some kind of delay between my cigarette lighter hot wire and Opus??


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              This is only for the very first time you apply the constant 12v to the power supply.


              1. Connect the wires for constant 12v
              2. Wait until the power supply starts blinking. I believe it's two short flashes.
              3. Then apply the switched 12v power.

              Even without a motherboard attached it should turn on if you jump the green and white wire for a moment. If it won't turn on that way then you either have low voltage or some other problem. The lights flashing should indicated which error.


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                Should I be expecting any voltage from the green/white (J7 PWR-SW) wire once I connect IGN?

                After I supply IGN with 11.75V, I don't see any voltage from green/white cable. I manually hibernated my PC, the LED on Opus is blinking every 2 seconds, I switched off IGN, wait for 10 seconds then switch ON again, PC turns on for a split second then shuts off, LED on Opus now blinks every 1 second. Opus manual does not say what it means for 10 blinks for every 10 seconds

                Also, when PC is on, I measured 3.26V constant voltage from the power button on PC, not sure what that means...


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                  Is the BIOS set to power PC on after power applied? This should be set to off.

                  Possible scenario:

                  IGN goes high, Opus supplies power to PC, PC turns on automatically (due to BIOS setting).
                  Opus presses power switch, PC turns off.

                  This could result in a split second of PC on before the Opus switches it off.

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                    Again I don't have the exact same power supply. But the green and white wire "The jumper wire between the power supply and the PC motherboard" should be connected to the power button pins on the system board. No, there is no voltage. It's simply a momentary short.

                    Try disconencting your motherboard from the power supply and see if it turns on and stays on then.

                    My first powersupply did the same thing yours is doing. I would get about a half second on and then off. Turns out the 12V rail from the power supply was bad.

                    If you have a volt meter you can test it, you should get 12V on the yellow Hard drive connector and 5v on the red. If either is low then the power supply bad.


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                      I disconnected motherboard from power supply then it won't turn on, but when PC is ON I got 12.05V and 5.08V from the yellow and red wire on HD connector.

                      I monitor the continuity on J7 PWR-SW, when I turn on the IGN switch, there's no sign that J7 is shorted, maybe my Opus is bad?


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                        It looks like it's working now on my test bench but I'm really confused. From Dell Dimension 4550 user manual it says:

                        Suspend Mode
                        The options are S1 or S3.

                        AC Power Recovery
                        Determines what happens when AC power is restored to the computer.
                        * Off (default) The computer remains off when AC power is restored.
                        * On The computer starts when AC power is restored.
                        * Last The computer returns to the AC power state existing at the time
                        that AC power was lost.

                        So I should be setting S3 and Off for the above two settings, but I changed it to S3 and On and now it's actually turning on or resume my PC and hibernating when I switch off IGN.

                        What's going on???


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                          i have this psu. its fine. what size cable do you have going to the power. have you calcuated your power req properly. iv got 4 guage wire to mine. i think the pc powers up. it sucks juice. and then shuts down because of the thinness of the wire. cig liters arent really a good source for power supplies. also read the manual. you may have some jumper setting wrong



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                            Talked to Opus support about this problem and we went through couple tests to verify the Opus is ok and functional, voltage check on all input/output wires but still couldn't get a final conclusion. The only thing left now is to check if Dell dimension 4550 is ACPI version 2 compatible or not.


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                              Msun, did you ever find a solution to your problem?