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  • Power Cell from Kinetik

    Does anyone use or is planning on using a power cell with their install? Particularly from Kinetik

    I am looking into this and just want to get some background stories. Sometimes when I reach my destination or wait for someone, I just sit in my car and listen to a few songs or finish a video or check something online, all the while I drain my battery. From what I'm reading, if I have this then I don't have to worry about that. Not to mention that this solution is easier/better than a tank circuit.

    I've already gone out to my car a few times and found a low battery, and a few other times I've needed a jump. Hopefully this will get rid of those scenarios all together.

    So anyone?

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    Why not just get a second battery - that's all they are... and an isolator if you're worried about draining your starter battery.


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      Those things cost so much for so little amp hours (the cheapest $199 one is 20Ahr). They seem to be designed more for competition use (big burst in power over short time) rather than what you need it for. For less than $150 you could get a new deep cycle 100Ahr + battery isolator.