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Power embedded system at 12V/1A (DSX12V??)

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  • Power embedded system at 12V/1A (DSX12V??)

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to power an embedded Linux system in a car, the device takes a maximum of 1A at 12V. It seems to be pretty tolerant to voltage variations, I've even powered it up at 5V and everything seems to be fine (with the exception of an USB port on it that no longer receives power). But I would like to play it safe and just give the guy a clean 12V power supply.

    I've looked at the DSX12V and the deluxe version DSX12VD but those are slightly too smart (and too expensive) for what I need. The system will never even reach 12W, it stays at 8W most of the time, so I'm not even going to hit 1A. The DSX power supplies can take up to 140W or so, which is overkill for what I need (but I'm still keeping those around as alternative options). Also, my emails to went unanswered until now.

    Can anyone suggest a decent DC-DC regulator (if it can survive engine crank that would be great but not required) that can give me a clean 12V output from let's say 9V-16V?


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    if you don't need startup control, maybe the opus DCL11 (point of load)
    5, 7.5 or 9 volt (jumper selected) it can produce 12, but input power needs to be 1.5 volts higher than the output. Max output 15 watt.
    If you get one from mp3car, and the jumper's are snapped, take of the plastic foot of the jumper and you can use it as it was intended.
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