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  • Dc/Dc - Ac/Dc?

    Ok, i've just read a lot of threads and found out the using a dc/dc psu is better than an ac/dc. The problem is that I was thinking about making an easily removable case, smallest possible, which then I could remove from the car and hook it up to my lan. I think i'm going to ask a preety stupid question, but how am I supposed to power it once it's inside my room? If I were using a standard psu I would just plug it in through a normal cable. Is there an adapter for such psu?


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    You can either use a DC-DC supply, and then use a 12v wall adapter inside your house, which would work.

    Or, you can set it up so its easy to unplug the DC-DC adapter and connect a regular power supply.

    I dont know exactly what you would need for a 12v adapter, to power the DC-DC from 120VAC, but i dont think its too hard.
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      I use an adapter built from a car battery charger transformer. See my site (link below) for pictures.

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        for 110VAC to 12Vdc you can use an UPS battery or you can pick up a 12V DC PS that witth plug with into the wall. YOu wil need to know how many amps you draw though.
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