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    Hey guys, I'm trying to wire up my M3-ATX correctly, but I don't understand much of the technical jargon in the "manual." What is the "switched battery" (AKA ignition wire) and how would I connect my power supply to it? I know WHAT the ignition is, but I'm at a loss as to how I would connect my PSU to it. Would it involve splicing existing wires already in the car? I'm new to the whole wiring thing.

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    find a power line that is 0v when the ignition is off and 12v when the ignition is on.
    Common sources are an amp turn-on lead, a cigarette lighter or a hedunit turn-on lead.
    Be sure to test with a multimeter first with the igition off and on to make certain it is truly a switched line.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Yes, you are going to have to splice into the wire at some point if you want to use this option. (Unless you plug a wire into an existing plug, which I wouldnt suggest) It also would not hurt to solder the wires together if you know how. Just twisting wires together can lead to poor contact which may lead to shorts, blown fuses, and even electrical fires. If you do splice into a wire be sure to use electrical tape, or heat shrink tubes to make sure open wires do not touch any thing.


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        If you are talking about a '70 Mustang...

        ... I think you could be looking for a pink wire. In that vintage, that is often a switched power lead. Be sure to test, as those above have posted.


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          Alright, thanks guys. I went to a local Remote Start/Audio store, and the guy told me the safest place was to go behind the radio and find the yellow wire. For that, though, I supposedly have to take the trim off the center console and everything. I've never in my life done that, but I'm gonna give it a whirl since the car has 205,000 miles and I don't mind too much if something breaks...