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How to get 13V-17V on the primary output of your CNX-2140 - Solution inside.

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  • How to get 13V-17V on the primary output of your CNX-2140 - Solution inside.

    I just ordered a set from the store. They are basically jumpers you place onto the 2140 board in place of the 20V output to enable more output voltages. The standard options only allow 12V, 18.5V, or 20V, but with these jumpers you can get 13V, 14V, 15V, 16V, or 17V for whatever your laptop or computer requires. I had to buy the whole set but only need the 16V one so the rest are up for grabs.

    In case you do need 16V, please remember that the vast majority of computers will allow a +/- 1V variation without any problems (I know because I've tried it out on a few old laptops). If you measure the output from your power brick, you'll notice that it doesn't actually stay right at what its rated anyways, and jumps around by about 1V.

    I'd like to help the rest of the community out. If you need primary output voltage at anywhere from 13V-17V just PM me or email me at hari.trivedi at, and I'd be glad to help. Best of luck!!

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    are those jumpers just resistors? I seen this with that power supply, but every time I go to order one there out of stock... I want to get my hands on one of these 2140's to play with...

    if there just resistors I wonder why they didn't just put a variable resistor, then you'd be able to dial in your exact voltage... that would be cool...
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      yep they basically are. pretty crappy that i had to spend 20 bucks on em but i didnt want to risk damaging my 2140 by soldering onto it.


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        so since you said it bounces around + - 1volt would the carnetix p1900 work with my laptop that is 18.5v?


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          what's the primary output voltage of the 1900? if its within 1v theres no problem. ive used my 16V IBM at 17V for over one year with no problems.


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            ok great it should work no problem then, the primary output is 19v im pretty sure but can use 18v and 20v as well.


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              yea a half volt is nothing, you are fine.


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                Holly 1-year old thread reviver there..