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IBM 4820-5WN touchscreen power supply

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  • IBM 4820-5WN touchscreen power supply

    I have just acquired a very nice 15" IBM touchscreen. It is model number 4820-5WN and is normally used in their point of sale equipment. I've read through all the posts on this type of monitor in the forums and understand some of the issues I may run into with the connection of the video cable and the touch screen input.

    My first issue to overcome is the lack of any powersupply. The specs show the monitor requires the following:

    23 - 29 Watts
    15 - 16 Volts

    My searches for a replacement power brick and cord have resulted in limited results (in England and more than twice what I paid for the monitor).

    My question is can I use a universal type of power supply? One which you can select the appropriate wattage and voltage. I would think that this should work, but wanted to ask before I blow something up.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.