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Carnetix CNX-P2140 185 watt Dual Output Regulator

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  • Carnetix CNX-P2140 185 watt Dual Output Regulator

    This thread will serve to post all relative information for the Carnetix CNX-P2140 185 watt Dual Output Regulator.

    This thread is not to be used for troubleshooting, but rather for FAQ type responses.
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    Customer Question: I work in the robotics lab here at Stanford and have been using a few of your P1900 units on some of our robots to power PC''s from car batteries. They have worked flawlessly for over a year, so I''d like to
    stick with your products.

    I am building up a new robot that runs off a giant lithium battery pack. The pack discharges down to about 22 volts, and when sitting on the charger, the supply floats up to 36 volts. I would like to run a Mac Mini using one of your P2140 units. However, I saw that the upper voltage rating is 34 volts. Is there some margin in that rating, or is it a hard limit?

    Answer: I would definitely drop the voltage. If you run the P2140 in over-voltage conditions (more than 26V) for longer than a short moment will probably case the P2140 to cut power to prevent any damage or fires.


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      Typical diagram of the 2140..


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        Typical diagram showing how to use a standard automotive relay to feed all of your computer devices requiring 12V battery, 12V ignition, and ground.


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          Dell SX280?

          Is anyone using this unit to power a SX280 PSU says 12v @ 18 amps. I am quite sure (plz don't suggest a search been done) it doesn't draw that much. I would like to know if anyone has used this psu for this comp. Just FYI comp specs are - 2.8ghz, 1gb, SATA HD. Any help would and will be appreciated.
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            Since Infill G4 already has it's own psu, would CNX-P2140 still works for my Infill G4 to power 1 if not 2 x 4-port usb hubs (read it's better if usb syncronised) and wireless 3g router (12v?)? If it does but is overkill, I would not mind since I could reuse it if I ever switch to standalone car pc.

            Sorry, I've no background in electrical engineering and so would like minimum wiring solution though I've access to someone who can help me with the wiring if needed.


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              How is there 3 outputs. I thought the P2140 only had two outputs.
              I would love it to have 3. One 12V for my Monitor, a 12V for my PC and a 5V for my USB hub.
              Can you split the primary output 2 ways?

              And why, in the first diagram, is the PC connected to the input side of the P2140? The side with the USB is the input correct? Which should be connected to the battery.


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                Yes, this is exactly what I'm doing....

                The 12v for my pc motherboard goes into a picopsu

                The 'second' 12v goes into my xenarc....

                If you were powering a minipc like a mac can provide true 3 18v to pc...12v to lcd and 5v to usb
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                  Sending ACPI shutdown

                  I can see in the psumoni software that that it sends ACPI shutdown but the pc does not receive it and just powers down the pc. I have lastest firmaware and software. I have set the soft jumper to all settings,hibernate, standby and laptop mode. any ideas?


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                    Includes Microchip x64 USB drivers for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 64 bit versions.


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                      Using PSUmoni on Win7 - one way that will work for some

                      Hi All,

                      Recently upgraded to Win7 Ultimate (32bit) and found, like many, that although the application runs, it does not talk to the PSU (the lower left hand corner in the app states, "USB not connected").

                      Windows XP mode has solved this issue for me (so far so good, behavior has been consistent for 2 days). Note - I do not use the Carnetix PSU (2140) to do sleep/wake-up via USB, that's why I say 'solution for some' as those that are using this functionality are likely still out of luck...not to mention anyone whose hardware does not support virtualization.

                      I actually don't use the 'run applications from Win7 once installed via XP mode', as I found that the USB connection still does not work (for those that want to try, you need to copy the application short cut to 'all users' in the start menu, and then power down the virtual machine before the application icon shows up in the Win7 start menu). So, instead, I install PSUmoni via XP mode, and then 'attach' the Carnetix USB device via the virtual machines settings. At this point the application is able to talk to the PSU. I now make any changes that I need (soft jumpers, etc.), click 'update' and close the application and power down the virtual machine.

                      For me - this is all I need. The PSU turns on/off the PC as I want it, and I don't need to have PSUmoni running in order for it to do so. Again, I'm only using the APCI wires for turn-on/off, so I only need the very basic functionality once I have all of my options set correctly.

                      If I need to make further changes, or want to see what power consumption is, I restart the virtual machine and fire up the application...all of which takes about 15 seconds (I use SSD, which I believe helps a lot here).

                      Anyway, thought I'd share as it may help some.



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                        Managing multiple 2140's via one PC.

                        For those that have more than one 2140 installed and want to use both: you need to disable one in device manager before managing the other. Once you've configured the one, disable it, and enable the other one in device manager, restart PSUmoni, and you can now configure the 2nd one.


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                          Wiring Diagram

                          Please excuse me if this is a stupid question. I am new to this and have just purchased a P2140 from a guy on ebay. I received the unit today along with two cables with connectors (obviously one for each of the two ports on the unit.)

                          My question is, does anyone know where I can find a colour coded wiring diagram for this or can someone explain the use of each of the colours to me? I am unsure of which set of wires I need to run to the battery and which set need to run to the computer? I have looked on the carnetix website and searched the forums. The only diagrams I have found are the ones listed above, however they do not display the colours at all.

                          The setup of cables is as follows:
                          Small connector
                          - Black (earth) x 2
                          - Red (positive) x 2
                          - Yellow (constant?) x 1
                          - Blue (?) x 1

                          Bigger connector
                          - Red x 2
                          - Black x 2
                          - Brown x 1
                          - Blue x 1
                          - White x 1
                          - Green x 1

                          I will be purchasing a mac pac as I will be running a mac mini. I presume this will take up one of the connections on the unit and eliminate one of the cables supplied?


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                            Can anyone lead me to a wiring diagram for the p2140 showing what each coloured wire is to be connected to? I bought a used one from ebay which came without a diagram. I looked on the carnetix webiste with no luck.

                            It came with two sets of cables, one which I presume is to give the unit power and one to pc. I am unsure which is which? There is two different size connectors which you probably already knew.

                            Also I presume if I purchase a mac pac to run a mac mini one of these sets of cables will be eliminated from the unit and be replaced with the mac pac?


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                              the user manual has the details. Starting on page 13, I believe.