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Carnetix CNX-P1900 Dual Output 140 watt Regulator

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  • Carnetix CNX-P1900 Dual Output 140 watt Regulator

    This thread will serve to post all relative information for the Carnetix CNX-P1900 Dual Output 140 watt Regulator.

    This thread is not to be used for troubleshooting, but rather for FAQ type responses.
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Earthing Case

    Hi guys,

    One quick tip with regard to the P1900.

    Do not earth the case. This will cause issues with Suspend/Hibernation of systems.

    For example, if you screw the case to any part on the car that is earthed it does not work correctly.


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      Even if I screw it into plastic?


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        it's not going to ground if it's plastic....
        Jan Bennett
        FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

        Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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          so wait should i not ground it at all? because im having a problem with my P1900 and macpac. it puts my mac mini to sleep beautifully when i turn off the ignition, but after about 2 or 3 minutes the P1900 shuts off, cutting power to my mac. but itll start the mac up again on ignition and works fine. the only thing it wont do is let my mac sleep in piece. it keeps cutting the power. thanks.

          EDIT: whoops sorry i had a jumper set wrong. i thought i had them all right. sorry.


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            I have my unit attached to plastic, however it is grounded through the wiring is this a problem as I am experiencing shut down a few minutes after sleep?


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              If you are grounding the black wires off the power connector to chassis ground, then that's the correct way of doing it.


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                Dell 9

                They mention this works with the Mac Mini but why not laptops in general? I've ordered a Dell Mini for my car and it has an input of 19V at about 65W I believe so is there any reason this power supply wouldn't work with my laptop?

                Need an adapter of course but assume that's implied.


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                  Re: Laptop

                  I can't see why it wouldnt work I will try my macbook on there for you and let you know. Never thought about doing that... Give me a few hrs, or pm me back if I forget to come back on.


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                    hey guys,

                    I'm having some problems with the hibernation of my mac mini. i've used the ignition from the radio for P1900. I used it all the time without the radio being attached and it worked fine.
                    Now that I've mounted the radio, the computer won't sleep. only when i pull the power cable from the radio, it goes into stand by.

                    do u have any idea why this is happening?


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                      I have an old CNX-1900 140W Dual Power I bought back in 2005 so It's probably version 1.0

                      And now I have a fit-pc2 computer that accepts input of 8-15V and a 7" LCD that wants 12V.

                      is possible to power these two with the CNX-1900 ?


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                        Typical Mac mini power diagram.


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                          Power cut out when engine is running??


                          Just got my install ready and first time been playing with it while driving.

                          I have a odd problem with my system. It runs smoothly when switching the ingnition on. But if i start the engine and let it play about a 1-5 minutes whole system gets cut off from power. Screen blanks and PC goes powerless. I believe it is not shutting down or anything. Just cuts them off... Starts again if the ign.key is turned again. Any ideas? Wrong jumper setting?

                          Ill inspect it more tomorrow.

                          Drove around for awhile with multimeter attached to Carnetix main power input (+ and ground). The voltage was quite low around 11 volts... (my alternator is not very good) and when the voltage dropped to near 10 V the Carnetix shut down the PC. My screen was away from its bezel and i could see the Carnetix and usb hub. From there i could se that PC was shut down fast but Carnetix red led was blinking and USB hub light was off short after that, so i believe it (Carnetix) did what is should have done when voltage drops =)

                          So now i need to bring bigger + wire from battery, insert a fuse and check my alternator connections to juice up the power supply.

                          Yep, i pulled a stronger + cable and it solved the problem. Yet need to upgrade my alternator but i keep the battery to charger over nights to have full batt avary day =)


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                            I have a P1900 from an old Mac Mini install and was wondering whether it can be used to power a 19V 2.1A DC netbook. It's well within the limits of power consumption but I haven't been able to find any examples of this combination/setup so I'm wary of trying it out just yet.


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                              I don't see a problem with the 1900 powering a 19v laptop. i think the carnetix p-1900 puts out almost 10amp peak. You just need to get the right plug-end for your laptop. SNO