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  • Dell Optiplex GX150

    I have see on this forum that many of users use dell optiplex GX150(p3), for this reason i`ve decide to buy this pc.
    1000mhz Processor, 128Mbram(will change whit 512mb), onboard videocard,and soundcard(dont know if it change...the future will decide).
    My big problem is the supply.somebody have modify the original supply or make other(bild it and not buy it)
    I see some connection diagram and it dont have only 2voltage input(5v and 12v)!

    The 11pin(from connector) start the pc?no?but how?to the ground?(like a normal ATX supply)?
    can somebody give me more info from this board.

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    Under construct: Dell Optiplex GX 150

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    My Dell optiplex GX150 pinout:

    One side:
    1. Orange
    2. Orange
    3. Black
    4. Red
    5. Black
    6. Red
    7. Black
    8. Gray
    9. Violet
    10. Yellow

    Another side:
    11. Orange/Brown(2 wire)
    12. Blue
    13. Black
    14. Green
    15. Black
    16. Black
    17. Black
    18. No cable
    19. Red
    20. Red

    The voltage on my PSU
    Red +5V
    Black - GND
    Orange +3.3V
    Yellow +12V
    Gray +5V
    Green +5V(stand by)
    Violet +5v(stand by)

    Witch is the POWER/ON?
    And witch is the GOODPOWER?
    Dont know why is voltage on 2 wire in stand by?the Gray and Blue wire for what represent?
    i`ve attach some picture about my plug and one whit dell supply but is not good for me

    please give me some detail from dell supply.

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    Under construct: Dell Optiplex GX 150


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      Need power supply for the car

      All day have search for the pinout for my mobo and in final i find it
      To start PSU it need to conect 14(green) to the ground.
      At my psu the 18(white) is mising.
      11(orange/Brown) use to regulat the supply.

      Now it need to make one supply witch work on the car, or modifing this.
      can sombody help out.

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      Under construct: Dell Optiplex GX 150


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        I am using a m2-atx and this adapter in a gx 200.


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          The GX150 use standard ATX connector.
          Check this thread for the pin out for the HD, Power switch, ... Led and such I posted (if you don't have to panel board.)
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            @g35mike my psu have only 1 power plug(20pins) and it is diferent from that you is no problem i can handle problem is supply how to modify an existing220v supply to the car?!

            It will be replace my P3 setup in the Supra. So it will be power by my custom built sproggy
            in finaly this supply have use?
            can post the schematic?
            My pc is complet nad i have the switch panel but dont know if will use it.

            ps. i buy the pc whit 128mb(pc 133) ram and i have 1pice 512mbram(pc 133) but whit this module dont start the pc!
            on this site it support the 512mb!
            why cannot use it?the PC dont suport 512mb in single module?
            128mb is to little for my carpc.
            Under construct: Dell Optiplex GX 150