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  • Ignition

    I'm pretty much a newbie to all this, and i've encountered a few hiccups along the way. The dilema that i've just encountered is, would i be able to use the ignition wire from the cigarette lighter, for the ignition to the DC-DC PSU without any problems. I'm under the impression that the ignition wire only holds a small amount of current to make the controller understand that it can now get power, am i right or totally wrong? and going to crap everything up? This hopefully will be my last Problem and once i've got this sorted. I'll be buyng and instaling components for the computer.


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    If the cigarette lighter is ignition-controlled, then yes.
    The IGN line for your PSU draws almost no current.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Ahh right, thats great news, the cigarette lighter is ignition controlled so there will be no problems with out. Thanks for that!!, The PSU that i'm thinking about getting is the:

      M2-ATX-HV 6V-32V 140W Intelligent Car PSU
      60.21 + VAT

      Looking at the PDF manual on here, what i would need to do would be to slice the ignition wire from the cigarette lighter and solder the ignition wire from the PSU to the Ignition from the Cigarette lighter and then heatshrink it, would be the best option right?

      Just a another query
      The specs for the comp would be as follows:
      VIA iDOT PC3500G PC-1 Mainboard - 1.5Ghz C7-D
      Cost: 57.58 inc VAT

      Optical Disk drive
      PC World
      Cost:14.97 inc VAT

      Already have a spare 250GB HDD.

      1GB Stick of DDR2 DIMM

      Would the PSU be able to handle the power surge??

      Sorry, for the questions just need a bit of reasurance before i start chooping and building!


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        I dont see any case, not to say you need one, but might be something to look into.

        Also that optical drive is a cheap full size tray load. Those are horrible for the car. I would look into a slot load drive for sure. And if you can afford it, a laptop slot load drive. I know they are only about $90USD here in the states, so should be about the same in the UK.

        The PSU is made to withstand low voltages durrent crank if that is what you mean. This is one of the main advantages of the DC-DC automotive computer.

        And solder/heatshrink is good and I think it is the best. You can see the quick connect terminals on the M2, so you actually just solder to the included wires, not directly to the M2. This allows for nice easy disconnect too.

        While on the subject, I see you have a full size HD. I like full size HDs, but you limit your case selections to almost nothing. They are all made for 2.5" laptop drives. I was able to fit a 3.5" in the VoomPC 2 case but barely. The CPU/heatsink needs to be closer to the back then the front.

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          Just reading a bit more on here and from your suggestion. I think it's best for me to get a case to avoid damage, dust and high temperatures to the motherboard and it's components. So if i was to get the VoomPC 2 case exactly like yours. Just reading again, i think i can sungly fit in my motherboard in. The case also reads to be "compatible" with the M2 PSU.

          Would you say this slot drive is suitable for the case??

          and on that site it states that i need an adapter to connect the drive to a standard IDE cable. However on the page for the VoomPC case it also says: "NOTE: SlimCD drive requires 44pin Slim CD IDE adapter." Does this mean i need to purchase both adapters??

          Looks like i have a lot of preperation and research to do before i purchase anything!
          I really do appreicate all the help guys!!!



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              on this page it write
              IDE/ATAPI Interface
              this is normal hdd cable.
              below other thinks write
              This drive requires an adapter to connect a standard IDE cable. Available HERE
              now google make miracle
              Note: This drive comes in bulk packaging. There is no manual, software, or mounting hardware included. This drive does not come with a slimline CD to IDE adapter. A slimline CD to IDE adapter is necessary to connect a slimline CD/DVD drive to a Mini-ITX mainboard. The Morex Mini-ITX cases have a slimline CD to IDE adapter included. This drive is not intended for use in laptop computers.
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                AH right mate, I gues i do need the adapter then!