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help w/ grasping concept of power supply...

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  • help w/ grasping concept of power supply...

    Hi guys, i just joined this forum and already started posting about LCDs in it's forum. My next problem is the power supply. I have a mobo w/ built in sound/video and a TV (RCA) out. The LCD shoudn't be a problem plugging into the car... but the computer system i don't understand.

    Here's what I think (please correct me if i'm wrong)

    I have my computer... it has the mobo, dvd-drive, and floppy. Now this is all connected to a regular powersupply from the computer tower it was on. Can't i just plug the power supply to the converter I wil buy and then harddwire it into the car's 12V battery?

    After reading some posts to answer most questions myself, I understand that the car cranks from between 8-14 volts when running. So... either way, i should have no problem because the AC/12V-DC converter i buy would do that specific job right (it automatically compensates for the voltage fluctuation)?

    Would I have to get the Optima Yellow-top... or will the stock battery work fine? Thanks for any help and advice!
    [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]

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    With wiring the power inverter (12vdc->120vac) into the battery directly, you need to be very careful about not leaving your computer on by accident, as it can run your battery down in a few hours.
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      hey nadir_s, welcome aboard!

      yeah you can hardwire an inverter directly into your car - thats what I did, and I would reccomend it too.... using the cig-lighter socket to run your mp3car system is a BAD idea!!!! ensure you run a good gauge of wire from the battery to the truck/boot (assuming your putrting your system in the boot/trunk) then ground it to a good strong chassis point in the boot.

      check my website for some nice pickies/etc..... and ask more questions if need be!

      I would also say, run your LCD from the ATX PSU too.... will give it a nicer supply than that straight from the battery....

      a car voltage will drop when being cranked (typically anything downto 8Volts - sometimes even lower) and when running/crusing can jump upto 14.5 Volts approx.... pretty much any inverter worth its salt will run within these levels.... my 140W one does the job very nicely...

      you dont need to get a new battery, but as a rule of thumb I have always installed a new battery into any car I purchase... and I typically get a big 440-520CCA one too.... the price difference is minimal, give you more power to play with and better cranking when you start your car.....
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        Remember that even with nothing plugged into the inverter, as long as it's turned on it will draw around 1 Amp of power.
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