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M1 + startup problem

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  • M1 + startup problem

    I have a intel d201gy and the m1atx power supply.

    well. i have connected the +12V (key) to ignition pinout of M1 atx, and mai power +12v from battery to relative pinout of m1 atx.

    it's work well..but.....

    I turn off the PC using a little button in the dash .. and the pc shut down that's OK!

    now, if push again the button to turn of the MB it's does not start.

    If I remove completely the +12 from battery and reconnect it.. it start well.


    when i turn off the key i remove the +12 ignition to M1 but when this +12v turn On the PC doesn't start and i need to reset completly the +12 from battery to restart.

    any help??

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    Did you run the two-wire lead from the switch headers of the M1 to the power switch headers of the M1?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      sorry.. don't understand.

      p.s. i have the M1 in the PSU mode.
      i have read that in this mode.. the ignition control need to be excluded to work fine.
      it's correct?

      i would that i turn On the PC with button, and i would that the PC shut down automatically when i turn off the key in the dashboard.

      it's possible?