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BMW IBus power controller for USB, PC, rearview camera, power amp and LCD panel

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  • BMW IBus power controller for USB, PC, rearview camera, power amp and LCD panel

    An attempt to pay something back to the community :-)

    I am not 100% done as I still need to know some of the IBus codes for pulling out of reverse for instance.

    I've built an 8051 system out of standard parts that will control the power on and off off- DC/DC converters for active USB hub
    - PC ignition on signal
    - rearview camera
    - LCD panel

    As input it has ignition and an RS232 line that connects to Rolf Reslers IBus interface.


    Input events are
    - ignition on/off
    - power on button and other IBus buttons

    It will also use LED's on bordmonitor to show pc status.


    None - System is on (easy to tell) or off
    Yellow flash - System is booting. Rear view camera might still be on.
    Solid Red - System is standby. PC is on, but no LCD or Audio.
    Red flash - During red flash you have 30s to turn on system before it is shutdown
    Solid Yellow - System is shutting down

    (Green LED will indicate phone connected)


    I will eventually put something on youtube to better show what it does.

    You need the dev kit.

    The SDCC tool chain (free)

    My sw. There might be updates at my site, where you also can find more info.

    You also need to buy components according to this simple drawing


    I will keep this info uptodate as I make progress and polishes off the last flaws.
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    Hasn't it? I know newer cars have MOST, but E46 and earlier should have IBus...
    Have a look at HackTheIBus on yahoogroups.
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      No, well the E36 has the most basic of iBus possible. Basically it linked the CD Player to the Stereo and that was it.

      Although I am in the process of putting a MF Steering Wheel in to get the buttons working with the resler adapter.


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        IBus messages I make use of are (even if I do not know all of them yet)
        - revers on/off (is sent so that sideview mirror knows when to tip..)
        - a button on my bordmonitor that I have desided will turn on rearview camera.
        - push of left knob on bordmonitor that will turn on and off LCD panel and power amp
        - remote key that will start boot of PC when car is opened remotely

        If some of these buttons are 'missing' on E36 any button can be used as there are plenty of free io on the board.

        One more little thing I might to is to integrate the design with an IBus interface. That will reduce power consumption as there is not need for the RS232 boosters then. (two of them. One on this pcb, and one on the IBus interface) It will reduce size a lot!

        Depends a little on if there is interest or not, and if Rolf Resler has the possibility to help out.
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          A layout is in progress to be made....

          It will be using IBus in a BMW but can be configured for any car.

          It will also contain the Lassen GPS+DR, if components concerning that is assembled.

          There will be 4 configurations. BMW or not, GPS or not. (The USB is for the GPS)

          Anyone interested in getting one? I'm ordering pcb's in a week or two.

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            status update

            Work is coming along fine. Pcb will be ordered this week together with components enought to build two units. On for me an done for street.

            There will be a few different configurations built on top of these 2 main functionalities, Powercontrol (PC) IBus or not, and GPS. Combinations are:

            1) PC with IBus and GPS (full system) 2400:- (200 or $400)
            2) PC with IBus without GPS 1100:-
            3) PC without IBus but with GPS 2400:-
            4) PC without IBus without GPS 1100:-
            Box at 315:- is included.

            Prices are component prices, no gain interest.

            If you get a pod from silabs at $69 you can download upgrades or your own modified code. In that case you can make it a generic 6 output, 3 input device triggered with IBus messages for instance.

            Would anyone be interested in such a unit? Too Expencive?

            Once installed I will make youtube video to explain all features.
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              10 pcb's now ordered. Layout picture above is updated to actual version.

              Cpu changed to 8051F006 with more memory and code will have to be ported.
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                Looking forward to the youtube video. Will keep track of thread for progress.


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                  A progress report
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                    more progress. Lin k to gps thread:


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                      CarPuter Progress:
                      Planning:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
                      Hardware Buying:-> [||||||||||] 100%
                      Software:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
                      Installing:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
                      Current Project= Making skins in photoshop...


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                        i would be interested in such a unit...great work


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                          I have uploaded a video to youtube. Unfortunately I have not started the proper install in the car yet as I have still to make the skin for RR. But I hope the Video gives an idee of what you can do. Once installed I will make another video for sure.


                          I have also made a video of its GPS receiver dead reckoning functionality


                          The pcb can be assembled for GPS only, IBus 8051 system only (6 output, 3 inputs) or both. IBus does not have to be used, it can work with 12V inputs only for on/off and reverse.

                          Boot and shutdown timings are configurable via serial interface and hyperterminal or alike. You can have source code to modify too, if you want to. But then you need the $69 IDE from Silabs to be able to reprogram it.

                          If you want one, let me know. If there is interest I will make a new layout to sort some small issues out, but also to add a second IBus interface so that the PC can use that to get IBus events from. (still a single USB cable, but both GPS and serial COM device on it) I do not know what the price will be as I will only check that out if there is a reason :-)
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                            Utube links don't work for me..........
                            MINI COOPER S PRO