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How to go from 8ga wire to 18ga

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  • How to go from 8ga wire to 18ga

    i have a maxxbass 103 bass processor and the power supply for the unit requires an 18ga wire. i have a 4ga wire coming from the battery to the distribution block located in the trunk. the distribution block has 4ga and 8ga wires on the output. how or where can i get a distribution block that will take the 8ga wire and bring it down to an 18ga wire.

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    Solder and shrink wrap are you friends. There are several how to's if you google "soldering wire".
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      Make it real secure, use lots of electric tape! Just kidding, you shouldn't do this.

      Lots of distribution blocks drop down to 18 gauge, check Best Buy or Home Depot. Or what's cheaper, simply get some heat shrink like suggested above and connect the 2 yourself.

      Oh, just don't use shrink wrap like suggested above, next thing you know your mom will be making a fruit basket and you'll have used all her shrink wrap!
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        Wire gauge determines fuse size!!!


        The gauge of the wire you are using ultimately determines the size of the fuse that protects it, not the current draw of whatever is being fused. Otherwise, the wire can get hot enough to melt the insulation and potentially start a fire

        Not to nag, but this is important