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Carnetix 2140 Acpi Problem

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  • Carnetix 2140 Acpi Problem

    I have a via vb7001 mobo and a carnetix 2140. Just installed and for some reason my acpi is acting very weird. it will start the computer when i turn on ignition and then computer shuts off like the acpi pulse is to long, but it appears to be fine in psumoni that is running on my laptop btw. also when i try to shutdown it appears to send an acpi pulse but the computer either does nothing or it and carnetix cuts power completely. my buddy has the exact same mobo and carnetix unit and he has no problems......any ideas?


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      Could be the settings on the acpi, check the delay and pulse duration.


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        Thanx for the reply. turns out one thing was a setting in bios that said to shutdown computer immediately upon pb press needed to be changed to hold for 4 seconds. i was also using some connectors from radioshack to make my install a little cleaner(similar to those on the carnetix harness) and after i bypassed that connector and went wire to wire, everything works great. seems as though carnetix is a little sensitive to resistance on the acpi relay output maybe?