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Newbie: questions about Power inverters and DC PSU's

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  • Newbie: questions about Power inverters and DC PSU's

    I'm new at the forum, and I want to plug my old pc to my car. I'm from Turkey, and I can say that It is impossible to find a dc psu. But I can find inverters here. So I'm thinking of using an inverter.

    But there is a serious problem there. I also use two amps, and I don't want any buzzing noise.
    1)How can I avoid buzzing noise?
    2)If I buy dc PSU from US, 200W or 180W psu's would be ok for me? And if I buy one of them (for example an opus) will that guarantee a solution for the buzzing noise?

    My computer is:
    onboard vga atx board
    athlon xp 2500+
    2*512mb ddr400 kingston ram
    80gb 7200rpm hdd
    usb creative sound card (will be)
    bluetooth adaptor (will be)
    usb gps (will be)
    7" touchscreen lcd (will be)
    (I'll power also the touchscreen through the psu)

    And thank you people! I found nearly all the answers that I need for this project!

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    1 - Ground everything properly and keep power lines away from signal lines. Even that is no guarantee.

    2 - A 220w PSU (like the DSATX) would do just peachy with that setup. I'd think that an M2ATX might do well also, and save you some money. An Opus 150w would be pushing it. I'd go with a beefier PSU to be safe.
    But again, nothing is guaranteed. However you will be minimizing the possibility of noise being introduced into your audio system.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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