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  • Looking for information on Power Supplies

    Hey all, I know there is a "newbie" section to discuss basic things but I am a little more technologically advanced than a "newbie" so I jumped over to the power supply forum to get some information from you all (if this is the incorrect area for this post I do appologize, I am new to mp3car)

    Ok so, I have recently decided I want to start a CarPC Project and have been doing a lot of research to make sure I am fully ready before I begin purchasing. Currently I am looking for a DC-DC Power Supply that can do the functions I need or want it to

    I was hoping to use an older PC I have sitting around my house (that I will be upgrading slightly) as my first CarPC Project - this way I assume I'll save some money on supplies and if I screw up then I won't be as upset.

    What I need is a DC-DC Power supply that boots the computer on accessory / crank and withstands crank, and also is safe-shutdown friendly with the ability to monitor my cars power in hibernation mode and shut down if the power is too low, I'm not sure if I need any further information to determine which Power supply is best for me, but I'm assuming I do...

    Thats where you come in, I could really use some suggestions or input on different power supplies and help on figuring out which one fits my needs best, so anybody with any spare time to shed some light on the situation is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    How much power do you need? (wattage)


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      Most of the Startup/Shutdown controllers do exactly what you are requesting. What you need to do is approximate how much wattage your components will need. Since you are using an old PC, those components could draw alot of power so you may need to make your installation "simple". Try researching how much wattage each part of your PC uses. Google is good at supplying that information.
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        The FAQs will tell you all of this.

        Picking the right power supply:

        Will XXX power supply work for my set-up?
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