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Opus 90w doesn't cut power when battery is low

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  • Opus 90w doesn't cut power when battery is low

    I have one of the older Opus 90w power supplies. It's worked great since day one, except for one thing. Supposedly it will cut the power to the PC completely if the battery voltage gets low. I've had my PC set up to both hibernate and standby, but in both cases my GPS receiver seems to still get power. After five days of not being driven, my battery is always dead. This was fine when I was driving to work 5 days a week, but now it's rare that I use my car more than once a week, and my battery keeps going dead. Short of unplugging the computer completely from power every time I park the car, what can I do?

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    My 150 is the same leaving the 5v live wise. I put a relay in powered off the 12v that cuts the 5v when the machine shuts down.
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      I don't mind the 5v standby voltage, I just don't get why the power supply lets my car battery run dead. I thought it was supposed to prevent that.