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Adding a buzzer to show the inverter is on

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  • Adding a buzzer to show the inverter is on

    Has anyone tried to add a buzzer to show that the inverter is still on while ignition is off?
    I remember few years ago I've seen a thread on Honda forums guys were adding buzzers to indicate the head lights were on while turning off the car. I was reading about power inverters and different ways of wiring them. One of the issues with having inverter wired thru on/off switch is a possibility to leave it on and kill the battery. So I was thinking maybe it would be a good idea to add a small buzzer into circuit?

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    I control my SSDC with the tail light ( pc in trunk ). Audible alarm provided by Vw.


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      Lucky you ) Toyota didn't provide any in mine )


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        Why not drive a relay with the acc/ign signal and use that relay to control the inverter?


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          i'm not really sure where exactly should I wire it. Can I use the same ignition signal wire as for the HU? Or should I wire it to the cigarette lighter? Or something else?


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            Connect the coil of a relay to ACC or IGN (HU or anything that's switched). Connect a buzzer or car door chime to the inverter 12V input through the normally closed contacts of the relay. That will make it sound when IGN/ACC is off and the inverter is on.


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              adding a buzzer would be very annoying, and it's simply unnecessary. you shouldn't have to be reminded to turn it off, you should have it wired to turn on/off automatically. this is easy to do with a relay. make sure you use a 12VDC relay with an amperage rating higher than your inverter's maximum current draw. if it's a standard bosch-style relay (the most common automotive type relay), then you should wire it like this (your relay may be different, so always check the relay's instructions for proper wiring):

              in your case, the wire labeled "to carputer and accessories" should be input for your inverter. for the relay coil input (usually lead #86), you can use any switched 12vdc power source. you can use the car's ACC circuit or the car's IGN circuit (they are not the same);

              -the IGN circuit is powered when the key is in the 'RUN' and 'START' positions, but is NOT powered when the key is in the 'ACC' position. power will stay on while the engine is cranking. however, in some cars, leaving the key in the 'RUN' position for extended periods of time with the engine off can burn out the ignition coil (I've never heard of that happening to anyone, but that's what we were taught in high school automotive class/shop ), so if you plan to use the carputer with the engine off then I would recommend wiring it to the ACC circuit instead.

              -the ACC circuit is powered when the key is in the 'ACC' or 'RUN' positions, but is NOT powered when the key is in the 'START' position. this is good because you can run the inverter/carputer without the engine running (and without the risk of burning the ignition coil out). the downside is that power will turn on briefly while you turn the key, then turn off while the engine is cranking, then turn back on in the final 'RUN' position.

              good luck
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                Thanks a lot to all of you guys for the detailed explanations. I''m kinda nervous about all these electrical wiring as I don''t know much about it. ^_^
                Thanks again.