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Question Regarding Power Consumption Calculation

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  • Question Regarding Power Consumption Calculation

    I plan to use a USB hub powered off my M2-ATX (12.6W 2.1A @ 5VDC) to run my external USB DVD Rom and a USB wireless Card (possibly other things in the future).

    Since my hub is powering my peripheral devices (DVD Rom & Wireless), do I need to account for their power consumption in regards to my M2-ATX.

    For example:

    Hub is using 12.6W (if maxed out) of the 40W available on the 5V rail of the M2.
    DVD ROM is rated at a max of 2W (just estimating for now). Does the 2W also count towards the amount used on the M2, or is it already accounted for by the hub since the hub is powering it?

    Is my total wattage on the 5V rail 12.6W or 14.6W?

    Please feel free to ask for clarification if I've confused the h*ll out of anyone.

    Any thoughts?

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    I must not be making any sense...32 views and no one capable of a reply.

    Anyone??? I don't want to under estimate the amount of draw I will have.


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      Yes. as long as your DVD is drawing power from the 5v rail, it should be added to the hub's draw.
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