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  • Australians: 250W PS

    This has been posted once before, but it was only a link post and had no comments on it... Anyway I just bought a 250W Power Supply from Zantech and it arrived this morning and works perfectly

    I tried it off my battery and it loses power while cranking So dual battery here i come

    Anyway the price was $280AU + GST. (It says $300 + GST on site, but he said price varies depending what he gets them for, so he's an honest guy!)

    Specs are exactly the same as the Keypower, so I'm guessing it's the same power supply (it looks the same) and it's made by A Power Technology.

    Talk to Doug at Zantech, he imports them from Taiwan.

    Mine took a while to come (I wasn't in a hurry) because he said to get free shipping he had to order 10 (which he didn't want to do) so i waited a few weeks until he was going to Taiwan and he picked it up.

    But I'm sure if you needed it urgently you could pay shipping, or maybe 10 people could get together to get free shipping. Once it was in Australia I paid and next day he couriered it (for free) so I got it really fast.

    I hightly recommend them to anyone in Australia wanting a 250W but doesn't want to pay the near $400AU for the Keypower!

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    Re: Australians: 250W PS

    wicked find Uncocow!!! I knew that someone would sell me locally, just never had the willpower to look around...

    when u get your setup going lemmie know.... I would like to meet at least one local mp3car'er from this forum to swap ideas/etc...
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      Got my PC P&C supply running on Sunday - nice and quiet. Although this does have 100w more than mine, is it worth the extra size penalty?

      While we're comparing, I landed mine from the USA for less than AUD$250, and inside a week.

      Not to bag yours - my note here is more for the purpose of collating the Australian experience/availability of power supplies.

      I reserve all rights in connection to each post I author, without exception.


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        C4M, please tell me the supplier for that bad boy!!!

        sounds like a good deal.... might havta add some of these new finds to
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          well i needed the extra 100W because I'm running an AMD 1.8 with geforce 2 LOL

          it's exactly the same size as a normal PSU, so it can screw in the back of a normal case


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            what, what, what!!! a normal case? wash your mouth out boy! but seriously, very impressed with that find..... and they are a local company too
            Project - GAME OVER :(


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              yeah i know a normal case isn't perfect, but with some cutting and welding it'll do the job just fine


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                BTW Magnetik, is the IRMan the best remote to go for? I was going to get a Xenarc TS, but after reading so much bad about them I was thinking I'd go for a remote and a DigitalWW 7" DIN slot foldy out screen or something similar, so have to use a remote now, your proggy looks pretty good for that setup so I'll probably use that