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Atx's powering an xbox 360

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  • Atx's powering an xbox 360

    yes my current xbox powerbrick has recently failed me and ive been reading that you can power a 360 with a single atx box. But, i dont have one powerful enough to do the job. Therefor i am combining the power of two 145w atx's to power the xbox.

    now, im almost certain on how to combine them, but what i need to know it safe? will the combined power of two atx's completely destroy my xbox or will they be able to only put out as much power that needs to be taken in?

    taking the time to fully answer my problem(or telling me how to properly combine the two atx's) would be much appreciated.

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    Are you talking about using a standard Ac power Power supply or a dc-dc PS for the car?

    If your PS just crapped out for your xbox and and you want to get it running, just buy the proper replacement piece...............

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