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Opus wont turn computer on anymore after dead battery

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  • Opus wont turn computer on anymore after dead battery

    Someone was in my car playing around with my carpc while the car wasnt started and it shut off on them. I tried starting the car after and the battery was dead. I have heard that the opus will turn off the computer if it drains the battery to much. Well since this happened my computer will not turn on. Is there something i need to do to reset it or what? Any advice at all would be good. The green light on the back of the opus isnt blinking at all anymore even though it is plugged in. It is an opus 120w btw. thanks

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      I am guessing you got a jump since your battery was dead? Did you unplug the PC? If not, you could have just blown it up.

      I dont have an Opus, so I am not aware of this led. Is it is a power LED that is always on, or an LED that is only on when the PC is on?
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        Have u tried disconnecting the positive battery terminal for a few seconds and then back on.


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          I have tried disconnecting the postive terminal and that didnt work, the computer stopped working before i jumped the car. There is a little green led in the back of the opus that blinks every 5 seconds if everything is ok. Right now there is no blinking, I was trying to see if it was getting power but i cant find my multimeter. I dont see how it wouldnt be though since none of the wires moved when it stopped working.


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            Without knowing much about the opus itself have you checked all applicable fuses to see if any are blown. If all else fails you may want to voltmeter everything and ensure power is getting to the PSU. Many PSU's also have at least 1 built in fuse that is often soldered on directly to the board.


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              I took the opus apart and found that the fuse was blown.. easy enough fix. thanks guys.