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LV-671 and M2-ATX

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  • LV-671 and M2-ATX

    Hi all,

    I just have an LV-671 motherboard but there is no ATX connector on it only a P4 connector.
    How can I use my M2-atx to power this.
    And what do I need to have the M2 power it on when i start engine.
    Thanks in Advance

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    You need 12v regulated power. The M2ATX is an ATX power supply.
    I would see if you could possibly exchange it from the vendor for what you really need.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      But there seems to be people here that have succeed with m2-atx and this motherboard.
      If no what do I have to buy?


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        Re: > LV-671 and M2-ATX

        If you use an M2-ATX, you'll have to make a switch yourself from the ATX Pin 14 (PS_ON) and ground (COM, e.g. pin 15) to start the power supply on the large ATX connector.

        However, you can also use either any 60W+ 12V OR 19V regulated supply.

        I myself have soldered a standard Cylindrical Power-in plug to a 4Pin ATX (processor) plug, and plugged that into the 4pin on-board ATX connector. This is officially 12V, but since it is directly coupled to the external 4pin DIN socket ( I ohmed it out) it will take any normal 19V as well. Saves a lot of searching for the 4-pin DIN connector the Commell people put on the motherboard....

        So the cheapest option is: 4-pin plug from an old broken ATX, standard cylindrical power-in from anywhere soldered to the 4Pin ATX, use generic 19V/20V car Laptop power supply. Just check polarity carefully.(RTFM...)

        Works like a charm, and is a lot cheaper. Also means that you can easily test off-car with a cheaply bought second hand mains to 19V Compaq/HP/Dell/what have you. I picked a few off unused 60W spares off the street recently from a cardboard box(yes, really, meant for the garbage collector...) - they don't come any cheaper.