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AOpen MP965-DR + Carnetix P1900 -- seeking ACPI advice

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  • AOpen MP965-DR + Carnetix P1900 -- seeking ACPI advice

    I've got a Carnetix P1900 and the AOPac Power Cable Kit.
    The label on my AOpen MP965-DR motherboard says I965GMX-IFR.

    I know the AOPac power cable kit says it is designed to work with the AOpen Pandora. I'd hoped that the cable kit would still work with my AOpen MP965-DR computer (a more recent model than Pandora), but it looks like the motherboard has changed. Although the power connector seems to fit ok, the 7-wire plug for the ACPI 'T' connector doesn't exist. I do see a comparable set of 5 wires going from the circuit goop behind the power button to the motherboard, but the colors of these wires do not match what's shown in the AOPac installation guide (and, of course, the white plugs on the T adapter don't fit).

    I'd love to hear that someone has solved this problem already, and can simply sell me with a cable kit that works for P1900 + MP965-DR.

    However, I suspect that is a stretch. I would be OK with just figuring out which of the 5 wires that I *do* have correspond to the ACPI wires I need to 'T' into. I can't seem to find any motherboard specs online to identify what I need to do.

    Can anyone assist?


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    I guess if you can't get the Y adaptor to work you can always just tap into your push button switch.


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      I'm not sure if you solved this yet, but the plug you're looking for is the one on the motherboard side of the cable that connects the power button daughtercard to the motherboard. The side on the daughtercard has a larger pin spread, but the side on the motherboard is a perfect fit for the AOPac y-cable.


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        any chance you could let me know where you got that power adapater from?


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          "AOPac Power Cable Kit" was purchased from website, though it appears to be down at the moment so I can't provide a direct link.


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            Hi @all, somewhere know where I can get a new one I965GMX-IFR Mainboard from MP965-DR ?