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do i need to use rubber spacers?

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  • do i need to use rubber spacers?

    I bought case Black Morex Cubid 3688 Mini-ITX Case, for VIA Motherboards, Fits Slim 2.5in HDD, w/ PSU. But it didn't come with rubber spacers. When i replace the psu with my m2-ATX will i need to use rubber spacers so the metal case doesn't short everthing out?:

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    Probably not.
    The rubber spacers will prevent vibration from making a rattling sound if it starts to vibrate, though.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Originally posted by Roadmaster11 View Post
      will i need to use rubber spacers so the metal case doesn't short everthing out?:
      rubber "spacers" are for shock absorption, not for electrical insulation.

      the only way the metal case would "short everything out" is if the exposed solder 'globs' on the bottom of the board physically touch the metal case. whether you use spacers, a stack of washers, or metal/plastic standoffs; you always need to separate the circuitboard from the metal case (or metal mounting plate).

      the mounting holes don't have to be electrically insulated from the case/plate. they will either have no electrical connection or they will have a metal 'ring' around the hole that is designed to be grounded to the case/plate.

      assuming the PSU that you'll be removing is physically separated from the case/plate then you can simply re-use the existing standoffs to mount your M2-ATX

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        The mobo, power supply, hard drive and most other components that go inside a case are all meant to be grounded to the case by the mounting screws. Good grounds inside should help cut down on electrical noise and interference between components. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure the solder traces and components aren't touching the case or other components when mounted. There are whole threads on the issue of shock mounting schemes for hard drives. Most folks think special mounting is unnecessary though. That is up to the individual.


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          Thanks guys.


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            The M2-ATX should be a perfect fit drop in replacement for the PSU that came with the Morex 3688B.