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200w powersupply??

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  • 200w powersupply??

    I bought a 200w power supply off of ebay Power Supply and did not get any instruction or anything. I got it to work but for some reason it will not survive a startup from my S-10. It has only a + and - for the power and no remote. I think it is supposed to be automatic but I was wanting to use a manual remote so I can hook it up to my alarm on my truck which will control other things. For now I have it hooked up to a regualr ATX mobo with some 1200 amd processor and 1 GB of ddr333 ram, nvidia 5600ultra (which needs a molex connector) 20gb hard drive and a DVD-RW drive. I tried unplugging the DVD drive and it stayed running but it like stalled out and the screen went blank. Also if I hibernate it, then try starting it, it won't come on until I unplug the positive cable for a few seconds then plug it back in. I don't know if it is automatically switching off the board or what it is doing. Coming home from work I heard a weird noise and my comp just turned off. Come to find out, one of the transformer looking things popped off the board. It looks like a bad soldering job so I am going to fix that tomorrow and see if maybe that is the reason for all of my troubles. I know my actual truck power is not an issue since I am using a optima battery and I have a 215amp alternator with 1/0 gauge wire going back to it. When I put my subs back in I will be getting a new battery because I will be running at least a 4kw-5kw amp to my subs. The subs ar MA audio 15" EHO quad voice coil subs. They will handle 5,000w rms and 10,000w peak per sub. My last amp I had messed up on me so I took the subs out and started this project. One other thing, this board looks realy close to alot of the other 200w boards out there but if you look at the side with the ATX plug you can see that the IC's are all placed differently. There are 2 of the transformer looking thins on the right and left of the board on the side with all the caps. the one on the left, by the battery wires, is the one that broke. I tried looking up the board number but got everything in Chinese and I translated it but still could not access any manuals that could tell me more about the board. If anyone has any info or has ever seen this board, your help will be much appreciated. I am going to mount the DVDrw drive into a old school nes case and mount that under the screen. The power button will be the power button for the comp. and the reset button will be the eject button and one of the controller ports will be hooked up to the com part so I can actually plug in a controller and play Nintendo or control my media player. I am also going to take a Legend of Zelda Cartridge and make a portable hard case out of it just for the coolness factor (sorry Link) I also have a Nokia N95 (The best cell phone ever!!) and I want to use the GPS on it with the computer via bluetooth. Oh yeah my screen is a 15" ELO touch-screen mounted vertically so I can use the lower half for the touchscreen keyboard and heater/AC controls. The heater and AC controls and going to be controlled by stepper motors and eventually I might just have the computer control all of the temperature settings. I'll just enter a temp and it will turn on the ac or heater until it is the right temp then turn off. My Viper alarm also has 6 programmable 12v solenoids that can either give power to, or just act as a switch for what ever I want. So in theory I can turn on the comp with my keychain, or if the alarm is set off I can set the solenoid to turn on the PC and screen, maybe playing some little video clip of a fingerprint scan from like resident evil or something like that. I know I wouldn't be messing with my truck anymore after setting off the alarm and the screen was showing some weird fingerprint scanning thing. Also if my truck is in range of a wireless network it would automatically send me a text message to my phone saying the alarm was tripped, just in case I am out of range with my keychain. The Viper alarm also has trip sensor inputs for like hood or trunk as well as some extra ones for whatever you might want to use them for. The sky is the limit with what I can think of using a computer in my truck for. I am also a storm chaser and live dopplar images do come in handy. Anyways that is that. I know its a long post but that is my project and any info is much appreciated.

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    Corrected link:

    Please, PLEASE, PLEASE apply some breaks in your post. Reading a big huge block of run-together text like you posted is difficult, at best.

    You bought a PW200M which is generally regarded as a piece of crap that is hyped up to be more than it really is.

    Here is a FAQ that should help you choose a better, more reliable power supply without over-hyped specs:
    It discusses the PW200M and its successors as well. Personally, I don't trust any of them. I would much rather go with the reliability of an Opus, DSATX or an M-series PSU.
    Unrealiable power supply = unreliable computer

    Based on the little information you provided, I think your system is overkill for a vehicle install. You don't need the big honkin video card. "Some AMD processor" doesn't tell anyone what CPU you have. This is important, since the CPU is a HUGE factor in how much power a system draws.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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