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Using Carnetix CNX-P2140 with Tank Circuit

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  • Using Carnetix CNX-P2140 with Tank Circuit

    Got a newbie question for you folks out there. I have seen multiple varieties of Startup/Shutdown controllers and also tank circuits. As far as I can understand most of the Startup/Shutdown controllers do not directly interface with a backup battery to help keep the CarPC from rebooting during engine cranking. So my question is would this work. Installing a tank circuit (specifically the Tank EZ circuit found here: then put in place the Carnetix CNX-P2140 so as to prevent the carPC from premature shutdown.

    The reason I am wanting to do this is I am installing this system in my vehicle that I do baggage deliveries in and this requires multiple stops on any given run.

    Any help given will be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
    Russell Albright