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  • Carnetix P1900 Hibernate

    I've installed a Carnetix P1900 in my install and have my Mac Mini (which boots straight to Windows) set to hibernate upon power button press. It hibernates fine when I press the power button, but when I turn the ignition off in the car all power just cuts out, it doesn't go through the hibernate sequence.

    I have jumpers 5-6 open which I think is right. I have the little start button cable on the mac pac power cable hooked up to the mac mini power button. Any reason why it would be just cutting the power instantly rather than shutting down?

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    Issue resolved, sorry bout that.


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      What was the problem? reversed acc and +12v constant on the inputs?
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        Originally posted by pancit175 View Post
        What was the problem? reversed acc and +12v constant on the inputs?
        No it was just a severe case of incompetence on my behalf (as usual). In the P1900 manual I saw there are jumpers for the shutdown timer delay. The default was for 6 seconds and I thought that might not be long enough to do the hibernate so I changed it to 15 seconds.

        But I misread it and it was actually 15 minutes not 15 seconds! I also now realise that it isnt the amount of time it allows for shutdown but the time it takes until it shuts down.

        Even though there is a delay to when it shuts down the computer, it switches off the aux 12v power I'm using to power my screen straight away. So what was happening is that I'd turn off the ignition and the screen would go straight away which I presumed meant it was just killing the power (my old M2-ATX kept the screen on until the power finally went out so I could see the hibernation screen etc). But in actual fact it was just turning off the screen and had begun it's 15 minute waiting cycle.

        So as you can see, it was all just one massive balls up by me.

        ps Do people in other countries say "balls up" or is it just an Aussie thing?


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          Originally posted by BGH View Post
          ps Do people in other countries say "balls up" or is it just an Aussie thing?
          We sometimes say that in the UK, but there are far better and more colourful terms.
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            You change change the jumper setting so that your screen will turn off with the computer itself, and not the acc line, btw. I think its jumper 4 or 5
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