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I need 5 volts and 7 amps for my carpc

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  • I need 5 volts and 7 amps for my carpc

    Hi there, new to the place, and Danish aswell. So first of all, sorry for my lack of English skills.

    I have a microcomputer inīthe car, 600mhz, 30 gb, nothing big at all, but runs Win xp and centrafuse very well.

    I have tried to use an inverter, but the powersupply to the computer just wonīt accept the current coming from the inverter, so I need something else.

    Where do I find a supply, that will give me 5 volts and approx. 7 amps to run the pc? Can I use the 5 volt from a M2-ATX, or are there any good ideas?

    Please help a Dane in need, I didnīt draw any funny drawings, so any religions welcome....(joke, sorry couldnīt help it)

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