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Question about the fan on a P1900

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  • Question about the fan on a P1900

    So I bought a P1900 from a guy on the forums here and he said that it needed a new fan. I didnt think this would be a big deal so I just plugged in a standard 12v PC fan to test it. This was a no go and resulted in the P1900 not powering on because of a fan error. So I checked the voltage coming out of the fan connector and it was only somewhere around 1.2 volts. I wasnt sure if this was normal and it used some sort of low voltage fan or if there was something wrong with this unit. If someone could check the voltage on the fan for me that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

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    Thats the part number for the fan that Carnetix P1900 uses. You can find the fan online. Its a fan with just 2 wires. Most of the fans online do not have the connector on the end of the wires, just bare wires.