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Damn M2-ATX

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  • Damn M2-ATX

    I was messing with one of my old M2-ATX and put it on a bench test. I connected the 12volts, switch and ground, using a 12v adaptor, and it actually has voltage through all the rails i.e. 12v(yellow), 5+v(red) and 3+v(orange), this happens when I short pin 13 and 14. But when I connect it to my motherbaord (which has ALL peripherals disconnected), it doesn't have any more juice. No rails are active then.

    Does you have an idea what could be going on? A resistor? A capacitor? Or some other component malfunction? I rely on your expertise.

    I would appreciate a response. Thank a bunch.

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    When you say you powered the M2 from an adapter, how much current is the adapter rated for? I havent seen any AC adapter that can put out more than 1 amp at 12v. You might want to look at powering the M2 from a high current bench power supply, a modified ATX psu, or a car battery.


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      You're right. It's not up to 1amp. Meanwhile I got it wired in my car and it sends voltage to al rails except I'm getting about 4.89v on the 5v rail. Fan spins but no VGA yet as it's just bare motherbaord that's hooked up right now.

      i'm going to try hook up the major components to the computer to see if it boots.
      Fingers crossed


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        These M2-ATX are wonderful devices...This, I guess is the first one I owned and I know for sure that it was faulty was why I got another one.
        Anyways, IT WORKS!!!!

        Only thing is that there is no timing, or maybe I should say I haven't extensively tested the timing.

        So, after shelling out money to buy an M4, which I honorable fried yesterday, this junk still works.....