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Suspend issue with two M2-ATX

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  • Suspend issue with two M2-ATX

    Hello everyone,

    I have an installation with two M2-ATX paired at PIN 14 (PS_ON - green) and PIN 15 (GND black) of the ATX connector, in order to be able both to power when the motherboard switch is pressed. This installation works perfect for 1year. However, I am dealing with an issue that I was unable to find a solution. If I set the carpc to standby (S3 suspend), the PSU that is connected to the motherboard directly with the ATX connector powers down normally, unlike the second one which remains on, and continues supplying all voltages.

    The question is which wire is used for the standby operation? I am aware that the +5VSB is used by the motherboard in order to power on the PSU when it is off.

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      Do you have the second M2 set to "dumb" mode?
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        No they have the same timing settings (5/45). I have tried to set the second M2-ATX to dump mode but the same behaviour remains.

        I believe the mode has nothing to do with it, since the first M2-ATX stops immediately supplying power after the computer gets into suspend