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COM 2 issues for M3-ATX serial connection

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  • COM 2 issues for M3-ATX serial connection

    OK, so I got the serial connector for the M3 and hooked it up to my jetway board exactly as instructed in the manual. The manual also lists my board as compatible.

    So, When I try to run the M3 settings program, it cannot detect the unit at all on any com port. WTF.

    I checked in the hardware manager and it says COM2 is functioning correctly. The machine is running XP home.

    Any ideas on why this might be happening?

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    Doesn't work on COM1 either. What a joke.


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      I got it working after emailing with Mini-Box tech support. On my motherboard (MSI IM-GM45) the com port header's pin layout is not the same as the M3 cable (why aren't their standards?!), and they thought I might have fried the M3. But after adjusting the wires, I was shocked to see it get detected.

      Unfortunately, the maximum hard-off time you can set is 18 hours (I was hoping for 36-48 hours).

      Here is the M3 documentation that shows the cable's wiring:

      You have to find your motherboard's manual and see what its com port header's layout is. Here's a screenshot with the layout for my MSI IM-GM45 motherboard:

      And here's the M3 cable's layout (red=receive, white=transmit, and black=ground):