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remote switch for laptop powerup

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  • remote switch for laptop powerup

    Hey, this is my first post. I read over the rules and stuff so i hope im posting in the right place.

    I'm trying to use my old laptop which isn't great but is enough power for this application. The only matter i'm trying to tweak out right now is how to shutdown/start. I've looked at many of the possible ways to do this but i'd like to have a switch to start it up as i live in an area that gets very, very cold in the winter and i'd like to give the carputer opportunity to heat up before i start it. Only problem is... My power button is a weird type. It isn't the usual where i could solder on the switch. Its the kind where the button (with some sort of material that i have no idea what it is) presses down on the contact and starts it. I'm not sure if i can solder onto this or if my idea of a remote turn on is possible. Here is a picture of the contact in which the button touches.

    Any ideas on what to do with this setup to have it remote turn on, without having to get out of the car of course, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    My DC power supply has two pins to power up the motherboard. I believe it works the same as this switch. if you connect the two pins of a startup controller to these two contacts, it should work. THe startup controller mocks a power button being pressed.
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