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Turning Backup Camera on While in Drive?

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  • Turning Backup Camera on While in Drive?

    I recently learned how to make a simple plug for my Honda Ridgeline nav computer to input a video source. This input is intended for a backup camera, but any RCA source will work. Of course, my nav screen only switches over to this signal when in reverse. The problem is, I wanted to input the video from a Mac mini to get iTunes up on the screen. I've tested this with a laptop, and it looks pretty darn good. Worked first time I tried!

    So, what I need to do is rig the wiring so that the nav computer gets a reverse signal when I'm actually in drive. I'd put a switch in the so I could return to the normal nav screen when I needed it. I know how to do all this with a diode and a switch, and I know which wire is the reverse signal wire. What I don't know is which wire should I use as a "always on" power source to channel into the reverse wire.

    Any ideas? Here is a link to a wiring diagram for the nav computer:



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    You should use a multimeter to probe around in the radio harness to find an always on wire.

    Alternatively, they make a product called a fuse tap that you can insert into blade type fuses that you can run the wire from. Then, connect that wire to your switch and the other side of the switch to the camera power source. And of course, run the ground wire on the camera to...err...ground.
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