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  • Remote on/off switch

    I have an idea, but i'm hoping the folks can help me figure it out. I want to turn my carcomputer on remotely, so i can access it over the wireless network.

    I have an Opus power supply that turns on and off with the ignition. I have a switch in the center console to turn the battery power on and off so i can do a hard shutdown while driving if need-be, and another switch that can give the ignition lead battery power so i can turn the computer on and off w/o the car being on.

    Is there a way to remotely control this switch? I'd like to flip a switch inside my apartment and have an electrical contact be made in the car. i can connect this to the battery power to turn it on.

    I know they make remote on/off switches for AC devices. I bought one at Radio Shack a couple years ago. Anything like that for 12VDC?
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    There's a lot of wireless relay boards, look for em at any online electronics kit store.
    Thats all you need, one channel RF, nothing special. You press a single button on a remote and it toggles the relay in the car.
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