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  • Custom Power Switch(es) Idea

    I'm still in the early planning stages of my first carPC and I've been thinking of how I want to set up my power switches. I plan on using oe of the intelligent power supplies, probably the M2-ATX, or one of the OPUS ones. But I also wanted some other options. Here is what I got so far.

    Master Switch: Just before the lead to turn on the switched 12V to the power supply. Basically what others call a "valet" switch. It will be hidden and will allow me to turn off the PC no matter what the other switches try to do.

    Bypass Switch: If set to "auto", the PC will turn on and off with the car. If set to "on", it will remain on no matter what. This is used for both turning it on before I start the car, or leaving it on after I turn off the car.

    Remote Switch(es): These will be triggered by an RF remote. They can turn on the PC from the remote, and turn off the PC, but only if it was trned on via the remote. If the igition is turned on (or the bypass switch is set to "on"), the remote's latch will be removed, the PC will remain on, but then it turn off when the igition is turned off. The remote switches will really be controlled by relays which will be controlled by an RF receiver.

    Latch/Reset Relays: These are used for the remote switches. If your good at reading electrical schematics, you should be able to figure out how they work.

    Yes, I am aware that the yellow igintion wire is not a seperte battery. I just used the battery symbol here to represent the fact that it's just another lead coming from the battery (downline) that has a switch in it (the key) and it's already built into the car.

    I may add other relays in down the road. For example, to keep the computer on after I turn the car off, but then turn off when a door is open.

    Let me know what you think! And for any of those advanced electronic people, please let me know if you see anything wrong with my schematic.
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    I have the same type of switch but it is all in a single switch with three positions (SPDT with center off): Auto (normal operation like yours works), always on, and off, like your master switch.

    I presume you are using a fuse in your setup and are just showing the switches for now. Maybe consider a circuit breaker for the battery to PSU connection if you are into switches and cool wiring.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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