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Finding a 5v line...

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  • Finding a 5v line...

    Current setup as follows;

    P1900 - Main line feeding a M2 ATX in dumb mode powering a Dual Core Mini ATX motherboard.

    P1900 - Optional line running 12v to power touchscreen.


    Somehow I need a 5v feed to directly power a USB hub up front in the car. I can't use the optional line on the P1900 as this is powering my touchscreen. The M2 as I can see it has no provision for a secondary output at 5v.

    Any ideas on how to do this? The USB hub will power;

    Capture Device, Wideband logging, MUTII logging, touchscreen controls, card reader, and a secondary unpowered USB hub. (Used for USB memory sticks)

    Plugging all these devices into a unpowered hub kept freaking out the MB previously, and my bodged powered hub (12V to 5v cigarette adaptor) decided to melt yesterday.

    Thanks guys

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    Discovered the P5V for the 1900.

    Job done.


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      there was no need to buy the P5V... the M2 has 12v, 5v and 3.3v output rails. the red wire(s) in the molex/ATX harness is the 5v rail.

      and why are you using the P1900 at all? the M2 is designed as a primary power supply. it provides regulated power and has a built-in SSC.
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