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p1900 Hibernation w/ Power

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  • p1900 Hibernation w/ Power

    I hope someone here can help me out. I have a carnetix p1900 2.2 running MacMini, Lilliput 7 screen and a USB hub.

    I need to setup my carnetix to act as if i were going into hibernation mode and cut off power too all devices after the shutdown sequence with the exception of the actual MacMini which i want to go to sleep rather than hibernate.

    Reason: if i set up my carnetix to stay in sleep mode, it will not cut power to my devices hence leaving the power on all the time and draining my car battery.

    Devices are set to PRIOUT rather than DLYON because while using DLYON i am getting alot of problems resuming from stanby because the devices are disconnected from the PC prior to it going fully into standby.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    I have found a solution.

    Here is my setup again
    p1900 + P5V add on powering MacMini, 7" Lilliput and USB Powered Hub

    p1900 is set to Standby and Jumper4 (green and black cable from P5V) is shorting pins 2-3 which is PRIOUT setting. (In Standby mode this means that all devices will stay powered all the time because it is following control of the Primary output and the primary output is set to Standby which never looses power because the MacMini needs the power while in sleep more)

    Solution -
    I tapped into the power traces that supply power the the SATA Harddrive inside the mac mini. When computer is woken up from sleep mode, Sata harddrive is the first to be powered up, it is also the last to lose power when going into sleep mode. The wires i soldered inside the macmini will run to the inside of the p1900 and will control a relay which will close when the macmini is awake and open when the mac mini is in sleep. This relay will open and close jumper4 (pin 2-3) which will drop power to the secondary output and P5V when the harddrive turns off (when in sleep mode) and supply power when the harddrive turns on (when awake) leaving the Primary output on at all time for sleep mode.