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genius-pc GP83 160W

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  • genius-pc GP83 160W

    my local supplier just started stocking these
    basically claims to be like a M2 (but better).

    has auto start up and the usual shutdown controllers on low voltage.

    the one i have works fine, survives crank no probs.
    the power off options , for how long it holds the psu in "soft" off mode before it kills the power to it can be changed while its running which is nice, so 45 seconds after i shut down the psu is turned off, so no power draw.. then when i turn the key.. its away again auto starting.

    has amp turn on as well

    this is the manufacturer

    but the link is via this case web site.

    so there is another option is people want to try a different brand

    here is the spec sheet too
    GP83 spec.pdf

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    wow, a year later...

    psu is still going sweet, survives cranking and not had a flat battery yet.

    mp3car sell these now too


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      Could you say if it generate RFI or not that could break the AM/FM radio reception.
      I have this problem now with M2-ATX and It could be a good option. Iīm using or trying to use the HQCT radio.


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        im looking into these also. my m2 is dead it looks like, and since i dont see any reason for it i want to try a different brand.

        its either this one or the iei for $135, which is a huge difference. for the price of the iei, its almost worth it to just get the 220w dsatx. too bad that iei isnt more like $100, because it would be a no brainer.


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          Trader007 the problem is mount other kind of PSU inside the VoomPC. Donīt fit.
          I asked MP3Store regarding the IEI and GP and they said that IEI has a better history regarding RFI.


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            yeah you can see there is actual chokes on the iei model. overall, it seems like a really nice psu... and i have the same problem, it would hard to fit the dsatx in my case too.