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Carnetix 2140 USB help

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  • Carnetix 2140 USB help


    I'm having trouble getting my carnetix 2140 with the 1.8.3 firmware to use the USB option to shutdown/startup into standby.

    I have psumoni 1.8.3 installed and running, and all of the soft jumpers set to enable USB shutdown etc.

    My computer supports going into sleep via a single click of the power button as well if that matters.

    The problem im having is that the 2140 seems to only work putting the computer into hibernate, and only sometimes will come back out of it. (the other times i have to push the power button on the computer).

    When i set it to sleep, the computer sleeps, but then powers off completely (therefore unable to resume windows)

    Am i correct that using the USB startup/shutdown option, i don't need to do anything with the ACPI wires?

    Is there any special jumper setting on the actual 2140 that i have to set for using the USB meathod?

    Thanks for the help.