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Help - how to: Dsatx-->remote amp trigger

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  • Help - how to: Dsatx-->remote amp trigger

    Hi All,

    Trying to figure out the remote for the AMP trigger from the DSATX 220.

    According to the documents the option is to use AUX Output Signal JP1 F1,F2.

    Taken from the manual;

    The connection at location JP1 F1,F2 can be used to provide a signal to an amplifier or auxiliary accessory or slave power supply (like the DSX12V) to come on after the Turn On pulse is sent.

    This is an open collector output at F1 and F2 is ground.

    A relay or transistor is required to deliver a 12 volt output at this location. This pin should sink no more than 50mA and has an allowable pull-up range of 0-25 volts.

    So why do I need to use a relay or transistor and how would I go and wire up the relay?

    Keen to hear from people who have used this feature as I DONT want to kill my PSU again as I just got it back from Jeff!!

    Thanks Jeff for fixing it up after a bad flash!! and shipping it back, ur a CHAMP!

    If anyone has a solution or diagram that I can use, please let me know.

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    I've come up with this connection theory.

    Can anyone confirm if this is CORRECT???????
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      I think your connection diagram is ok but I think better way will be using protection diode...
      You connect diode paralel to coil something like in diagram on this page: LINK


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        Hi Mate, Thanks for that, although I still am not 100% my method is correct.

        I can only assume that the DSATX J1 F1 has a delayed 12v rail, so this should energise the coil and cause the contact switch to close thereby supplying this 12v to triggering the car amps to turn on. RIGHT?

        OK suppose my diagram is correct and I need to use a diode will I also need the transistor as part of the protection? What NPN transistor type should I use?
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          Jeff kindly sent me this...

          Will try this out..whhoohhoooo
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            If I understand is this board part of DSATX?


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              Originally posted by _Dejan_ View Post
              If I understand is this board part of DSATX?
              The document describes using the remote turn-on for his SSDC, but it also works for the DSATX.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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