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M2-ATX turns off comp, not suspending

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  • M2-ATX turns off comp, not suspending

    Hey all
    So everything HAS been working fine until last night when I was doing some wiring in my car to have my monitor turn on with the amp remote switch on my M2-ATX. It didn't work out (I'm guessing the voltage drops too much going that far, I dunno, it's the least of my concerns right now)... so I ended up reverting back to what I had before, but now I got a new issue with the computer part

    It's not the jumper, or the bios, just to get that out of the way.

    Whenever I go to turn off my car, it does the action of actually turning off the computer.. such as unplugging it from the wall... HOWEVER, the computer is still running. odd I know. I know it's running cause the power LED is still on and the fans are still spinning. My amps, which are now tied into the amp remote switch in the m2-atx are still running too. But when I turn the car back on (even within a second), it starts booting up the computer again like it's been off for 2 hours.

    I gotta head off to work in a couple mins, but I thought I'd ask you guys if you've heard of this? I'm going to rip the psu out when I get home tonight and messure the voltages to see whats what.. but I'm not sure.. I'm a little paranoid too I ended up crossing wires I shouldn't of... but the fuse is fine, both fuses, the one for the power cable to the back, and the one on the psu.

    Plz and thx

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    Update: (god I love delivery jobs, who cares if my out the door time is up?)

    So I plugged in a push button in replacement of the M2-ATX's switch to turn on the computer. I left the computer switched ON, then turned off the car and back on, and it restarted it (the computer) again, but still was powered up and all that.