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Possible PS Problem???

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  • Possible PS Problem???

    I am running an M2-ATX PS and an Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard. I am utilizing all 8 usb ports on the motherboard and it appears that my USB devices loose power every now and then. The biggest pain is my external DVDRW drive that seem to constantly power cycle (it is hooked up through USB and utilizes one of the PS2 ports for power). When I built the CarPC, I did everything with a regular desktop PS to test all the components and everything seemed to work fine.

    The m2-ATX is hooked up as so, Battery + is hooked up to factory 12V constant wire, Ground is hooked to factory ground. And the ignition wire is hooked to the factory ignition wire. I do not have a head unit in my car as the CarPC is my stereo and it is running to several amps in the back that have their own direct line to the battery (my car battery is located in the trunk). The company I ordered my PS from, sent me the Molex to P4 12V cable instead of the P4 12V to P4 12v cable, so I have the motherboard pulling power off the powersupply that way. I am wondering if the M2-ATX wasn't powerful enough with all the USB devices I have or if I get the P4 12v to P4 12v cable will it help me out!?!?!

    USB Devices

    Wifi card (Claims 400mW of power with 5dbi antenna)
    OpenPort 2.0
    XM PCR
    DVDRW Drive
    Touchscreen for Lilliput 629
    USB 4 Port hub for thumbdrives and etc. (has its own 5v power)

    PCI Cards

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Edition

    Hard Drive

    Hitachi 400GB 2.5 SATA HDD

    Power Supply



    Lilliput 629 (shares its power off the 12V Ignition wire and factory ground)



    In addition I have a Visteon HD Radio that is also powered off the factory wiring
    2008 Mitsubishi EVO X GSR
    Carputer fabrication - 100% Complete
    Hardware - 100% Complete (having a few power issues)
    Software - 90% Complete (Waiting on EvoScan to support my car)

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    Well, USB pulls from the 5V rail, not the 12V, as does the hard drive. The m2 is only rated to output 40W (8A) on the 5V rail. That motherboard also draws most of its current from the 5V rail. As does the PCI slot. I'd say there's an excellent chance you're overloading the 5V rail on the m2-atx.

    Of the USB devices you have listed, the wi-fi device consumes the most power. Try unplugging it, see it you get stability back. If so, get a powered USB hub, and a 5V point-of-load power supply for it.