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  • Just a quick Q :)

    Hi guys,
    Would this PC HERE
    Work on an M2 - ATX supply?

    I've seen it says it 19V @ 65w

    Will this not run


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    Dude! I bought an HP- E-pc for the same reason - until i realised it was a slow piece of junk when i got it running!

    If you have the cash to spend on the asus - looks like a good deal..
    All you need to do is get on Ebay and get yourself a universal laptop car adapter - preferably a decent targus or something - although the $15 Australian DOllar item i brought ran the EPC for days with no dramas.

    19V is generally a laptop power brick voltage - which is why u would use the laptop adapter.

    If your keen on a project, there are plans all over the net to build your own, or buy, a startup / shutdown controller.

    This is probably an easier way out than mini-itx / M2 - youve already got a case sorted out, power sorted out on the cheap$$ amd a full warranty on the actual PC itself - not to mentioned its engineered for all components to work well together.

    Hope this helps. Wish id seen something like it earlier!
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      It looks like that board doesn't have an ATX power connector, but a single jack for 19V DC. Use a Carnetix P1900 power supply, which has an integrated startup/shutdown controller.


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        Debating myself if to get one of these machines or not, if anyone knows the answer to the OP's question or even better still have an Eee Box themselves and can take some internal photo's it would be much appreciated.


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          Quite honestly, i thought manufacturers had moved away from the power brick with the small for factor desktops, which is why i didnt bother checking out the eeepc in the beginning.

          I too would also like to see some internal photos and hear a few comments on users that have these cool looking little boxes.
          Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity...


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            after a bit of digging around i found the following:

            looks like it doesnt


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              There have been several posters discussing this pc.

              Here is one....


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                Thank you!!


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                  I am running an EeeBox in my car at teh moment. Works perfectly to be honest. One thing you need to do is update teh bios to allow the auto power on feature. Once this is enabled your laughing as the unit is very small and dosent give out much heat at all.


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                    @Alexstein -

                    Is the eeeBox quick or does it lag at times?

                    Also, what PSU did you use and how did you connect it? Does it have a normal PSU connection??



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                      It uses a 19v DC power supply (Circle head) which i run of an inverter mounted under my passenger seat.

                      Certainly no performance issues with whats installed. Takes about 20 seconds to boot to windows and about 10-15 secs to shut down.

                      I am using centrafuse as my front end with Map Point 2009 as my GPS. One thing to note is that i have stuck an extra gig of ram in it from factory spec.


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                        Oh....for detailed pics of the eeebox board look at this link



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                          Alex - do you manually turn it on and off then?

                          Thanks for the pics


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                            No mate.

                            Basically you enable ACPI on the motherboard which is included with the latest bios update. What this allows is for you to set the machine to auto power on after a loss in power to the motherboard. Thus the scenario that when you turn the ignition off on the car the motherboard looses power from the invertor thus turning off (yes i shutdown before turning the engine off) When you start the engine the inverter starts giving power back to the EEEbox thus turning it back on.....Genius i say.

                            You dont have to faf about with trying to get it to wake on lan and all that mollarky.


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                              Ahhh! It all makes sense now!

                              Thanks for your help mate, sounds like a good system ;D