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HP DC7100 Power connections

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  • HP DC7100 Power connections

    Hello all

    I just got myself a HP computer for my car PC setup, Here are the specs

    Celeron M 2.66Ghz
    512MB Ram
    40GB HDD
    8 USB ports (although I won't be using THAT many)

    I'm planning to run it from a M4-ATX, I think it will be big enough, what do you guys think?


    I just opened up the case and I found that HP have decided to use a miniture ATX plug for some reason , So I searched the forum and found its basicly just a scaled down full sized ATX plug, so it will be easy to make an adapter.
    But there is another 6 pin connector (marked P3), WTF is this for? I suppose it would work the same way as the P4 plugs but why 2 extra wires?

    Can anyone be of assistance?

    Thanks again

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    tap tap


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      I suggest going to the HP website and looking for some technical documents about that model HP unit.
      HP is pretty good about providing detailed technical information, including motherboard diagrams and descriptions.

      P3 is more than likely just the label on the motherboard for that connector.
      Don't assume that it's the same as a P4 connector. There could very well be multiple voltages.

      I don't know for certain, but it sounds like you have an HP mini PC that came with a "power brick". If that's the case, that power brick will have a label on it with some information, including the Output Voltage.
      Tell us what that output voltage is, as it is very likely that you can put the original power supply back into the HP unit and use one of the Carnetix products to provide the same voltage as the power brick.

      Either way, it sounds as if your motherboard does not use a standard ATX power connection, which means that the M4 wouldn't be a good choice. The "Big box" manufacturers like HP, Compaq, Dell and others are notorious for making products that don't comply with any industry standards.
      That doesn't mean the M4 won't work. It's possible you could cobble together an adapter to make it work.

      However, if my assumptions are correct, a Carnetix unit is going to be a better solution for you. I suggest perusing the FAQs, especially this one:
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Well I found that it is the CPU VccP

        RTN = Earth

        I'm unsure what its supposed to do


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          That's certainly not 12v, so using that connector would probably fry your motherboard or CPU.

          I'm going to ask this again: Does your system utilize a "power brick" between the PC and the wall outlet?
          If it does, what does the label on the power brick list as output voltage?

          This scenario right here is exactly why the long-time participants of this hobby highly recommend planning your setup out completely and researching the hardware you're considering before you start acquiring parts.
          By planning everything out, you're going to find out about power issues such as this and be able to make a different hardware decision that will be easier to work with.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            Thanks for your reply, the system dose not use a power brick, it has a normal power supply (well, to an extent!)

            If I cant get the unit to work I'll use it as a normal desktop and get a mini-ITX board