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Low temperature -> Soft power off

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  • Low temperature -> Soft power off

    Hi, I searched the forum but haven't found a satisfied answer.

    Now when it's very cold (about 0 degrees) and when I start my car I can see my carpc booting. In the beginning it switches of after about 5 seconds, during de bios post. When I'm driving a bit and the temperature gets higher in the car and power on the carpc you can see it is resuming from hibernation, but once it is back in windows it immediately goes back to hibernation, which means a soft power off. Then when I retry it it stays normal.

    It certainly has to do with the temperature of the machine and most likely it is the M2-ATX, but could it also be the motherboard? Or just maybe the battery that got worse (I notice this while starting the car) -> low voltage?

    When the temperatures are above 5 degrees I have no problems at all.

    Thanks in advance!

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    check battery voltage,
    check operating temp of your psu.


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      How to check the temp of the psu? I guess, when I get into my car in the morning, it has the same temp as the outside temp. It only gives my soft power offs when the temperature is below 5 degrees. I don't think the motherboard will give me soft power offs, so it has to be the psu.

      Is the psu giving a soft poweroff due to low voltage or low temperature?


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        I have an M2-ATX. Yesterday in -25C, booted up and ran no problems at all. Check your motherboard and also the input voltage.


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          I have M2-ATX, and it was -18C or so last night and it started up just fine.
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