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Can someone help me with these number? -- intel d945gclf

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  • Can someone help me with these number? -- intel d945gclf

    I'm trying to figure out what size power supply I need, but it seems like the size I need is larger than it should be. Here's everything I need to power, along with their wattages if known:

    Intel D945GCLF (with all drives, peripherals enabled): 12v=10.8w, -12v=0.216w, 3.3v=1.683w, 5v=38.75w(!), 5vsb=1.5w (from here [pdf])

    Lilliput 629GL-70NP (2008 version): 12v=8w (from back of monitor)

    As well as touchscreen, BU-353 GPS, ELM327 OBD-II scanning tool, bluetooth dongle, ipod (maybe) and a kensington usb hub all running off of usb, and presumably 5v power. I may add some more usb stuff, so I'd like to have enough breathing room with the 5v power.

    Since it seems that most motherboards run on 12v, it seems like the power supplies account for that, but this one seems to put a lot on 5v, and with all the usb stuff, I'm worried that I'll go to 50w+, which seems to put me out of range of most of the lower-end psus. I'd like to stay away from the M4-ATX, because from what I've seen there have been a lot of people with problems on here. I suppose I'd prefer an Opus, but the mp3-car store only carries the 120 and the 320, and that's a big difference. Also, my mobo needs the P4 connector, and I'm wondering which psus come with them. That and a sata power cable. Although I suppose I could spend a couple bucks on a molex 4-pin to sata power adapter. Does anyone else run this board along with their monitor and a number of usb items on a single psu? If so, which one?


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    click on the Power Supply Calculator in my sig, and add your devices to determine what size of PSU you need.
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      I've tried a number of power calculators. None of them seem to have my board, and those that have the chipset or cpu seem to put all of the wattage on the 12v rail. But from what I've read, this board uses the 5v rail for powering much of the board. I see that many usb devices use 100mA, so I guess I don't have to worry about those as much, but I'd still like to make sure that my board isn't putting too much strain on the 5v rail if I only get a 40w or 50w psu. Also I'd like to know if most people generally tend to put their monitors on the same power supply, or if they get a separate one, or just use the included 12v cigarette adapter.


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        This site has your board in case you were still looking
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